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Daneka Nation is Rock band based in Houston, Texas. Fronted by lead vocalist and founder Rhett Daneka, this band has released six singles to date and is gathering momentum in the form of a worldwide audience. Today we are excited to share our thoughts on Daneka Nation’s single, “Fight Song”!

Memorable and enjoyable, “Fight Song” is a brilliant reimagining of the Rachel Platten hit. As you can imagine, this version rocks hard with the guitar and vocals providing some extra octane not seen in the original. That said, you can tell Rhett Dakena is feeling the same empowering energy shared by Platten in the original. Indeed, I love how this song captures the spirit of the original while putting the kind of spin on it that only Daneka Nation and front man Rhett Daneka could.

I think Daneka Nation is doing some impressive things and this group’s rendition of “Fight Song” is nothing less than enthralling. I really cannot wait to hear more from this band and I eagerly look forward to them adding to their collection of six singles so far! You can keep up with Daneka Nation through their website and we have “Fight Song” embedded below via Spotify and you can also find the song on YouTube!

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Daneka Nation
Houston, Texas

Email: rhett@danekanation.com
Daneka Nation