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Daneka Nation would like to announce the release of their lead-single: "In a Different Light."

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Rhett Daneka was born (Richard Bret Hutchins) in October 1967 in Baytown, Texas...25 miles east of downtown Houston. He graduated Baytown's Robert E. Lee High School in 1986 after which he attended Texas Tech shortly before jumping "all in" to become a pilot. There wasn't enough money to pay for college AND flying lessons.

In less than 5 years he earned his ATP (Airline Transport License) as well as Gold-Seal Flight Instructor. He was Chief Flight Instructor at Hooks Airport's largest training school in the early 90's. He would later go on to flying an Air Ambulance out of Corpus Christi, Texas...rescuing pre-maturely born babies from small South Texas towns and flying them back to the best hospital for newborns...in Corpus.

In the early 2000's, he left his flying career to be self-employed. It was in this time he realized he wanted to sing...and SING big time!!

In early 2008, he changed his name. "There can only be one 'Bret,' and that's Bret Michaels" (of Poison). "I had to be different," He said.

From around 2009 to 2019 he was pretty much off the radar...just working a job and paying the bills. In 2020 the goal returned...to make it into the music world. He sought after the best musicians, best producer, best recording studio, and best vocal coach.

The general public will decide whether I was successful or not. The lead-single "In a Different Light" will be released worldwide on October 17, 2020.


Rhett Daneka


“I'm in shock! Great song!!!”
Johnny T. - Atascocita, TX

Rich A. - Kingwood, TX

“What a great song! You sound SUPER and the guitar work is REALLY GOOD too!!!”
John A. - Willis, TX

“I LOVE those choruses! You NAILED IT!!!”
Chase G. - The Woodlands, TX

“Daneka Nation ROCKS!”
Michele C. - Tomball, TX

“Just heard it man!!! Great song! Great vocals!!!”
Ross M. - Houston, TX

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